why work with us?

KATEC – FOODSERVICE SOLUTIONS has provided our client’s with a positive and integrative experience them with exceptional design and procurement services that exceeds their expectations. We work closely with each client to identify their individual needs and ideas and help bring them to reality. With in the given budget in mind, we strive for creativity in our design solutions in order to maximize efficiency and best suit the operational needs of the client within the given spatial parameters

We carefully select each piece of equipment with consideration of client budget, functionality, menu and energy efficiency.
Once approved by the client, our designers are in constant communication with the assigned project architect, designer, engineers, and general contractor to coordinate plan details delivery as the project deverlops. Constant communication is essential in order to ensure a seamless and successful project from start to finish and to help ease te mind of the client as they watch their project come to life

Dịch vụ

Our simple mission statement, “Integrity of Person, Integrity of Product, Integrity of Pricing and Integrity of Service” is the benchmark  that all business decisions are measured