When choosing to buy products at Katec Foodservice Solutions, in addition to quality and price factors, warranty conditions are also interested by all customers. Our company would like to answer customer’s questions regarding the warranty policy as follows.
1: Products are warranted in the following cases:
– Products are defective, damaged, abnormal use due to production errors (technical errors, specifications, heterogeneous designs … etc).
– Product is still in warranty period.
– Customers also store invoices, coupons, warranty of the Company.
– Products and works are faulty due to construction and installation personnel do not follow the technical process.
– Invoices, coupons, warranties must be intact, not patched, stamped and repaired.
2: The product is not warranted in the following cases:
– Violating one of the warranty conditions specified in item 1.
– Products with errors, normal wear and tear during use (shrinkage due to natural characteristics or weather changes … etc).
– Use of non-standard products, not suitable for the recommended purpose.
– The product is damaged by the user or caused by objective reasons (the floor is scratched by walking, dragging the objects, the floor is flipped by using or cleaning wet or not properly how to follow recommended standards … etc).
– Due to unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters, fires or external forces.
– Customers arbitrarily relocate and disassemble products.
3: Warranty time:
– Product warranty: Calculated from the date the two sides signed the goods delivery minutes.
4: Warranty period:
All products are warranted from: 12 months – 36 months
5: Customer note:
– At the end of the warranty period or errors caused by the customer’s fault, the Company will be responsible for supporting the maintenance or reviewing and repairing for you with the most preferential cost.