We are specialists in the design and fabrication of stainless steel components for commercial kitchens and restaurant’s. We manufacture to strict standards to ensure that our products meet environmental health standards.

Our engineering team is available for you to make you understand what is the right fit for your place. We have the experience to build what you require and innovative solutions to meet your goals.

Katec Foodservice Solutions have years of practical experience designing and installing a whole manner of differing types of stainless steel fabrication. 
As well as a standard range of sizes we can also provide genuine cost savings on bespoke pieces which can be designed completely individually to suit your own unique requirements.
As part of our dedicated project design we produce clear diagrams and visuals of each piece of fabrication so as to show you exactly how the item will work and look.

From Stainless Steel Sinks, Stainless Steel Tables, Kitchen exhaust Hoods, Hand wash Bowls, bain marie, shelves to Stainless Steel Wall Cupboards. We ensure that our products are manufactured with strength and durability for the most demanding commercial kitchens.