Bếp công nghiệp

It seems that an increasing number of people prefer to go to a restaurant and taste a yummy bowl of soup, which makes their stomach warm and make them relaxed. As for many restaurant owners, how to make large servings of soup one-time can be a great problem. In this article, we’ll walk you through the best helper to solve that problem, that is, an induction cooktop.

Since the enormous market potential appears these years, many companies seize the business opportunity to make themselves more competitive in this increasingly cut-throat world. For example, as one of the most professional kitchen equipment manufacturers, Smabo has strict standards and extensive production capacity to meet the market demand. It specializes in commercial kitchen equipment such as induction stove, induction cooktop, induction soup maker, induction fryer, induction griddle, etc. The company’s recent activities on the worldwide market with quality and ceaseless product supply also earned it the Certification of Environmental Management System as well as the Quality Management System.

Before we learn about how to make enough soup with a commercial kitchen equipment, let’s grasp a basic understanding of the operation process of an induction cooktop.

The unique operating principle of the induction cooktop breaks the traditional naked flame cooking mode and adopts the heating principle of magnetic field induced current (also known as eddy current). Initially, the AC current of 50 HZ/60 HZ is converted into DC voltage, which will be converted into the high-frequency current of 20-40 kHz by the control circuit. The high-frequency current through the component of the electronic circuit board can form a high frequency alternating magnetic field through a helical magnetic induction coil. Then alternating current, that is, eddy current, will be generated in that vessel when the magnetic force line in the magnetic field passes through the heating part of the metal vessel. The eddy current makes the iron molecule of the pot move irregularly at high speed. As a result, collision and rub of the particles will produce heat, which will be converted to the vessel. In this way, electricity can be changed into thermal energy, which can achieve the purpose of cooking. Since the induction coil is not directly in contact with the heated metal vessel, the power is transferred by electromagnetic induction, thus the thermal efficiency is up to 90%.

Now let’s take a long look at how an induction cooktop can make large servings of soup at a time. Take QX-420 Large Volume Single Burner Induction Soup Cooker from Smabo as an example. Applying Eight-Stage Flame Regulation from Japan Alps and Infineon IGBT with leading technology from Germany, this commercial soup cooker has a small size, significantly saving the site area. When it comes to the accessory bowl, we usually use a 485×485mm soup bucket to boil soup, whose volume is about 71.6L. Making an assumption that the amount of per soup for per person is 0.3 liters, at least 238 customers can be served once. It only takes nearly 40 minutes to boil water, and electricity consumption is only 8.7kw/h, which greatly saves the expenditure of your time and cost. The dynamic flame will be shown on the display screen to simulate real flickering flame with high precision. The humanized design with convenient adjustment of the switch is simple and easy to operate, which makes the whole kitchen environment cool and comfortable. What’s more, there is no need for any manual work because the intelligent induction cooktop can perfectly satisfy your needs no matter frying, boiling, stewing or others. Most importantly, the whole boiling process will not create any exhaust gas, smoke, dust or noise, providing an eco-friendly, clean and enjoyable kitchen environment.

Without a doubt, by using an induction cooktop, it’s quite easy and quick to cook large servings of soup at a time, which can offer a satisfactory and pleasant experience to your customers. To small or medium-sized restaurant, commercial induction soup cooker may not suit for you. However, Smabo also supply you with 5000kW portable induction soup cooker to bring delicious soup.